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🔥 All in one ChatGPT CLI, built in AI Commit, AI Command, AI Translate build your own AI CLI tools just like GitHub Actions workflow

sudo npm i @johannlai/gptcli -g

gptcli commit

AI auto generate Commit

The commit plugin allows users to generate a Git commit message automatically by simply entering gptcli commit in the terminal. The plugin will use the content from the Git diff to create a suitable commit message, making it easier for users to commit changes without having to manually craft a commit message themselves. This plugin helps streamline the Git commit process and saves users time and effort.

$ git diffdiff --git a/src/cli.ts b/src/cli.ts
index 227b825..a1f76a4 100644
--- a/src/cli.ts
+++ b/src/cli.ts
@@ -9,7 +9,6 @@ import { join } from 'path';
import { PLUGINS_DIR } from './constants.js';
-// if node version < 16 , give a warning

gptcli command

$ gptcli command `js files in the folder`🤖️ ls *.js 
🤖️ Would you like to execute the following command? (y/n)
❯ ls *.js

Commanded by GPT

The command plugin allows users to describe their desired command in natural language, and then outputs the corresponding plugin to fulfill the user request. For example, if the user inputs `show all js files in the current folder`, the plugin will output the corresponding plugin to display all the .js files in the current folder. This plugin makes it easier for users to find and utilize the appropriate plugins for their needs.